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  1. We're pleased to announce that we'll be having our annual Charity show at Carrickfergus Castle on August 24th This show will celebrate the club's 10th Birthday All BMW's are welcome on the day, with Trade Stands and Prizes in our Show n Shine We hope to see as many of you there on the day: Please feel free to post this on other forums
  2. Guys, ring your local dealer with the last 7 of your chassis and we can get, takes less than a minute to do Not all car's are affected though
  3. Long weekend over here in NI Done absolutly sod all this weekend, tempted to head out tonight for a few pints possibly.....
  4. Bring a sick bag. You going to air out your balls on the test drive?
  5. I take it your plate is going on at some stage Winnie?
  6. 2 mates of mine have these, 1 is a 2 owner from new car that's sitting very close to immaculate The other is a well used example with some fantastic OE extra's added (Winter Pack = Yellow Headlamps & Fog's) along with a Cross Brace etc All the hairy breast with it!
  7. Lovers? More like a Fritzel story! Being kept in the basement of Winnie Towers!
  8. No you cant...............................................Can he Sam?
  9. That f*cking photo will haunt me for years to come!
  10. Mate of mine bought one around a year and a bit ago, 330d Touring in EB, I went to Scotland to collect it for him We didnt know of any other one's aside from an Alpina B3 Touring, and then a 318i Touring on LPG turned up on his doorstep outta nowhere And now this
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