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  1. My current car

    Shots of my current 330ci SSG Individual bought August 2014
  2. IMG-0568-e.jpg

    From the album My current car

  3. IMG_0520_e.jpg

    From the album My current car

  4. IMG_0563_e .jpg

    From the album My current car

  5. BMW E46

    BMW E46
  6. Clean 4

    From the album My current car

  7. Alternator question

    Cheers guys managed to look at the sticker on it and traced the make. It seems to have been made by a company called Rollco which I've never heard of. Hopefully getting a good quality replacement will have me sorted. Is it a long/labour intensive job? Just wondering what it's likely to cost in labour as I've only just forked out £700 to sort out an SSG gearbox issue!
  8. Alternator question

    Hey guys Had the red battery symbol come up on the dash the other day. My next door neighbour also runs a garage so I asked him to take a look at my alternator with a multimeter which was showing it's kaput and only outputting 11.5v or something. I bought the car in August last year and in the receipts it shows the previous owner had it replaced in June 2013, as well as having the wiring to it sorted out. It's not normal for them to go in less than 2 years is it? Is there anything you know of that could be causing the car to be killing alternators? Cheers Steve
  9. Electrical advice needed

    Ok cheers - so no harm done by that bolt shearing?
  10. Leaving an SSG in N, D or R (?)

    No you're right - that error has nothing to do with it - I know.. my car has just been put back on the road after similar errors!
  11. Electrical advice needed

    Yeah the aircon seems ok
  12. Leaving an SSG in N, D or R (?)

    The beeps are to let you know it's not secured against rolling
  13. Leaving an SSG in N, D or R (?)

    I wondered for months why mine beeped when i left it in N before leaving the car, then I read somewhere your'e supposed to leave it in R
  14. Electrical advice needed

    Hi all A while back I was fitting some LED halos and the illustration said to ground the relay from the harness to one of 2 places. The first one suggested was too big to fit the hole on the ground on the harness so I went for the one in the pic ringed in red - Tightening the nut up, the thread sheared so what was on the other side came away. Part 1 has come away from part 2 and further up there is a little knob/valve thing. I think it's the ground for the aircon compressor from having a quick Google. Do you know if this is right? Would it be easy to fix without having to get another compressor? Also could it being like this cause any electrical issues? Thanks in advance Steve
  15. Sportlines on

    Looks really good! I've been considering some. What sort of price is it to fit springs?