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  1. Sold it But every cloud and all that, I'm still going to be in a 3-series. Pick up a sparkling graphite/coral red E93 tomorrow
  2. For Sale: Various M54 Parts

    Bosch O2 Sensor, post cat 990mm Cable (BMW Equivalent Part No 11 78 1 433 940) - £30 posted (£25 collected) BMW Genuine Cylinder Head Water/Oil Temperature Sensor 13621433076 - £20 posted (£15 Collected) BMW Aerial Amplifier 6906074-03 433.92MHz - £10 posted (£5 Collected) eBay sourced Cam Position Sensor (intake) - £5 posted (Free Collected!) Victor Reinz (GSF) Valve Cover Gasket with Spark Plugs gaskets - £30 Posted All payments by PayPal or cash on collection from Kings Langley, Herts J20M25
  3. As in the title Parrot CK3000 Evolution Box Connects2 PHN011 (to use steering wheel controls) Connects2 ADP063 Aux in adaptor All round pin adaptors Looking for £45 for the lot posted Royal Mail 1st Class signed for or £40 collected Payment by PayPal or cash on collection from Kings Langley, Herts J20M25
  4. gearbox oil change

    When you find it, always undo the filler first because you don't want an empty box you can't fill! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Not been here for a while but finally got around to doing the Valve Cover Gasket. Took me longer to get the old gasket off the cover than it did to do the job as it was basically brittle plastic! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 330i MPG..

    Vacuum leak, O2 sensors, camshaft position sensors I was averaging about 25 mostly d/c driving but after fixing the above it's more like 30! Vac leak won't always throw an error, check the rubber tubes on the F connector after the MAF as it may be perished but not enough! If you have Torque, check the long term fuel trims. Mine went from about 9% to 2.3% almost overnight All said, there's a lot to be gained from a tank of Super and a good old Italian tune up! Tapatalked
  7. E46 320 radiator level light always on

    There's a sensor on the bottom of the expansion tank that often gets broken (unless that's the one you have already replaced) Tapatalked
  8. What vacuum should a m54 have ?

    No lean codes here and I'm running about the same at -25 Tapatalked
  9. 330cd discs and pads

    GSF have 40% off using code APRIL40 Just got their Brembo discs, pads and wear sensor for £130 delivered Tapatalked
  10. Reset my Steering Angle Sensor that had thrown a wobbler from the knackered ball-joints Couldn't get INPA working but did it in DIS and was fairly straight forward Tapatalked
  11. New lower control arms One seized nut on the drivers inner balljoint that took 2 hours to get free but by the time it was done the balljoints didn't stand a chance! Thank Dog for poly bushes as well as that saved me loads of time Quick test drive and the car is transformed! It goes where I point it now Full alignment up next! Tapatalked
  12. Ebay suspension

    Do you really want to find out the "don't work" bit going round a fast corner?
  13. It's Christmas Eve (Babe) and you've still decided to come in to work nearly dead with Bronchitis. Not content with coming in with the Flu 2 weeks ago causing me to spend most of last week in bed, now you want to share your latest ailment F*ck off home. If I'm ill over Christmas, I will sue you!
  14. Off Topic Chat Volume 4

    Vinyl - of the record variety After discovering that half my collection is missing or damaged thanks to a seriously unhinged ex I'm on a mission to replace it So, avoiding the hell that is e-bay, any members on here got recs for good vinyl trade sites?
  15. SMG conversion 330ci

    Anything is possible with the right amount of cash (probably lots in this case) Has it been done? For the above reason I very much doubt it Tapatalked