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  1. jut


    Genuine BMW performance gloss black kidney grills for facelift saloon/touring, good condition, no broken tabs. These grills are expensive but do look better than cheaper ones, £50 plus postage, pm me.
  2. Its coming on, better than mine with 2 white wings at the mo, I should get some photos of it up
  3. Washed it for the second time and finally put the zone stickers on
  4. ordered a new rear wiper arm for the touring and various fixings etc for the e28 as its now in bits. I think my local dealer must love it when I ring at 12:28 on a saturday and start asking for really obscure items for a 29 year old car!
  5. jut

    Mr P's 330d

    mine had gone around the lip but once removed the rust had actually spread about 2 inches above the arch all of the way round, just goes to show, I think I actually put a pic up on here as I was surprised how much of a mess it was
  6. jut

    Mr P's 330d

    looking really good, once the rust gets into the front wings its really not worth trying to repair as its a bolt on part, like you I also just fitted new wing on my my last car and the previous "repair" just made it worse.
  7. jut

    E9x wheels

    think I may have to go for it
  8. jut

    E9x wheels

    bit of a thread resurrection but I may have the chance of some style 225 19 inch wheels with standard size tyres, just wondered if anyone had put these on a touring etc, car has standard sport suspension.
  9. welcome along, not far from me either
  10. looking good, really want to do this to mine
  11. omg dont say that! wont neet to worry too much about unsuitable boyfriends as she has twin brothers 7 years older to sort that!
  12. became a dad for the 3rd time, a little girl this time, all is well and proper happy.
  13. changed indicator bulbs for silver ones, changed grills for bmw performance gloss black items, refitted side skirts and gave it a coat of dodo juice diamond white, swore at the e28 for having a flat battery
  14. jut

    shooting brake

    anyway, pleased with it and its scrubbed up nicely. I was a little surprised that it does seem a bit more lively than the previous car (2.9 with manual box) although it is an auto, it also feels a bit fresher with 50k less on the clock. I was thinking about retro fitting xenons to it but the only ones I can find for sale at the minute are a lot of money.
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