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  1. I used to get the smoke bit when I first bought my already high mileage 330i. It was a thick-ish grey white smoke, which like yours, cleared after about 30 seconds. I switched to a much better quality engine oil which had a thicker warm running viscosity, and no more smoke ever since. As momo suggested, are you not confusing an oily grey smoke with the usual petrol condensation "steam-type" smoke? With over 100k on the clock, I would be using 5w/40 engine oil, Fuchs oil is superb quality btw.
  2. Without seeing it and reading your description, it sounds like it could be burning oil. I'm guessing the engine is around the 150 thousand mile area, and you are still using 5w/30 engine oil in the sump?
  3. That's what I feared. A last resort will be to take it off and try and drill it out at work and gently re-tap it out, but be prepared to buy a new item. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks momo. One of the rears is chewed up. If I can remove it, I will replace all four. It is an IF mind.
  5. Rather than me call BMW on Monday, does anyone know if the bleed nipples on my E46 330 rear brake callipers are the same as the front. Various ebay sellers sell a four pack all of the same size, others sell a pair of each, but the images show them all looking the same.
  6. With a warped head, it sounds like the engine has been run with it overheated at some stage. Glad for you it runs nicely again.
  7. Well, I have to admit to being a bit of engine oil anorak, and have been for a number of years. Everyone has their personal preference on fuel types they use, and the same goes for engine oil. I use Fuchs oil in my 330i, and up until last year I was using the top product, 5w/40 fully synthetic. I was using 40 grade due to the mileage of my car, rather than the 30 BMW state in the manuals etc. Last year I changed to a thicker warm grade fuchs oil as my car had now gone well over the 200k mark. Using Fuchs fully synthetic 5w/50 has reduced my oil consumption noticeably, and hot engine running is quieter. Years ago, I tried the Mobil top brand in my wife's Focus petrol and found the engine sounded harsh and noisey when hot. A change to Fuchs, and the engine sounded sweet again. I think Halfords oil is supplied by Shell iirc, so it may be OK. At your mileage a 5w/30 should be fine unless its a hard used engine and losing a little oil, where I would suggest using 5w/40 The oil packaging should at least meet the numbered requirements of what your manual states. All the above is only my opinion based on past knowledge.
  8. 2clubsp Thank you for your input. I went for a longer drive earlier, and once warmed up, going around a roundabout TC light flashing again. I turned off the DSC button, and the symptoms stopped, with the car driving normally, roundabouts included when I gave it a bit more throttle than I like to, just to check (much to the annoyance of my wife ("why are you driving like this?") as she was hanging on to the inside door handle and her side of the seat. I replaced a nearside rear wheel speed sensor about 4 years ago - TC light on, fuel gauge stuck on quarter, and no speedo. So the offside may be dirty or need replacing. I have tomorrow off work, so I might take it off at the axle side and give it a clean, weather permitting. Again, thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks Rich. I filled the tank full before I set off (always fill up with BP Super Plus or whatever its called) It was on half by the time I got home. Its a 330 petrol and I fitted a new petrol pump last year after total failure, luckily on my drive. Odd thing is, I went out this morning, albeit only a few miles, and the car seems to be back to normal. But there must be a fault somewhere, seemingly when all the running gear is warm and been driving a while.
  10. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. I have owned this car for approx. 6 years, and until today no "worry" faults other than wear and tear parts. Today I drove a distance of 266 miles, 133 each way. That is lots more than I usually do in 2 months. On the journey there, I noticed when in 3rd gear pulling around a roundabout, the traction control light flashed, with a bit of a misfire. On the way back, it happened more frequently, to the point of me struggling to overtake a truck on the A14 It seemed to clear for another hour until I came to a roundabout near home. 1st gear was fine, and second, but started misfiring in 3rd almost to the point of the car behind me thinking I was messing him around. On the straight, it seemed to clear up until the next sharp junction. Can anyone help?
  11. On original running gear. My 330i clocked up to 220 thou yesterday. Still runs like a dream and pulls like a train.
  12. What engine oil are you running it on?
  13. Robotson. The lights in the picture do not look like my set-up, which are factory fitted bi-xenons. If you park in front of a garage door/shop window or similar, turn everything off, then switch on the headlights and ignition at the same time, and xenons will rise and fall to their running level. I have just had another look at that picture and notice there are no headlight washers, so a no on the grounds of that.
  14. Ford Corsair 1.7 V4 JNT 762E Not many on here would remember them........................
  15. Cheers TF. I will swap bulbs Friday.
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