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  1. 1. Gaz 2. Aidan316i 3. Trickster 4. Frobius 5. Mikey 6. Zimzimmer46 7. E46Charles 8. SamN 9. Tizz 10. Simon 11. Marty (he already told me he will be along for the camping). 12. BMA 330 (maybe) 13 clubsport-chris 14. Imola jay (providing I have a BMW again then which, let's be honest, is a likely occurrence. YES HE SURE DID..........but will he keep it............ 15. Tim 16. Blair 17. Ben 18. Chris 19. Lee131 20. Justin 21. Dirty Tool (Sunday only, not camping) 22. Rich-323 23. Adamwebb 24. And617y 25. VectraMat (car pass for sunday only, thanks) 26. M3ADE 27. blclar 28. Pipey_McGraw 29. V 5LK V 30. Shades Been every year so far and looking forward to this years as much as ever with the best e46 club in the u.k
  2. Selling as it is now, think it has sold as someone from Brighton is coming tomorrow, if he turns up. We all know that every car has dreamers and no-show-ers
  3. Will get some pics of the e90 up shortly
  4. Most certainly a remap, followed by some subtle mods
  5. Its time to sell my e46, im truely gutted as this is and was my pride and joy but I got a great deal on an e90 330d M Sport in Le Mans Blue so it had to be purchased. Its gonna be hard to see someone drive off in my e46 but I guess its time to move on
  6. hmm, plenty of food for thought, but still keen on the boot lock. I would cut out the ski hatch and maybe fit somekind of boot popper from the inside, maybe, not really thought that bit out
  7. don't really fancy the parking sensor option to be honest, wanting the keyhole camera. Im wanting to buy one online while im away so I can crack on with it when I get back so need the diameter of the boot lock hole, the camera width im looking at is 28mm
  8. some top motors there, the z3 is very tempting for next summer
  9. washed it today, looks good I must say
  10. I've not got my car at the moment or would do this myself but need to know the size (diameter) of the boot lock on my E46 Saloon as I am going to remove it to install a rear view camera, I know you can buy a camera that fits into the numberplate panel but I have custom fitted e92 led complete units in there, so thats not an option Cheers for your help
  11. loving the progress on this loon, its looking good, loving the rims. what are they?
  12. Hi, I have bought some of this carbon fibre cloth sheet, looks pretty good but what adhesive is used to stick it to the trims, im pretty sure some members on here have used this, so any help is much appreciated Cheers guys
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