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  1. Just got myself a good deal on the insurance and when it asked me when i wanted the policy to start it gave me the option of 00:01 no date just a time, as I'm picking the car up tomorrow i thought this was fine so didn't give it another thought. After filling in all the payment details it then says it starts 00:01 on friday! anyone had a similar experience? am i gonna be stuck without my car until friday.... so annoyed.. ill call them as soon as thy open but why isn't it instant as standard?
  2. it feels stiffer and more 'planted' ive had an m sport coupe and saloon e46 and this just feels allot more positive in its change of direction..
  3. Not had a BMW for way too long, been running an Xtrail and more recently a little track weapon a Saxo VTR, but now I've just been and signed the papers on this new beauty... 2006 318d M Sport spec need a good MPG so had to go with that engine spec, absolute pleasure to drive, feels very different from the E46. Love the spec and the look of the car, very happy cant wait to pick it up,
  4. Oops that was a fail haha....http://www.mixcloud.com/johnburnham7545/emerging-ibiza-2014-dj-competition-dj-zed-carter/ maybe this one is better
  5. So Im entering a competition to win a Set in ibiza and management all you need to do is go hit play on the track and register a listen and hit like if your signed in... basically it needs to get passed to the judges to be entered into the competition and to get there attention it needs to have a few likes and have been played.. Its currently sat at number 43 in the garage charts which isn't too shabby so i would like it to move up a bit.... many thanks if you can.. Here's the link, its 30 mins taken from my live Xtrackt.co.uk show Wednesdays 7 till 9.. http://www.mixcloud.com/johnburnham7545/emerging-ibiza-2014-dj-competition-dj-zed-carter/ P.S i go by the name DJ Zed Carter now.... look me up on FB if you wish
  6. Personally i would go with the Pioneer and serato combo. more clubs using that setup. I use USBs in networked cdj2000s as im not a fan of being a sync button dj...
  7. To cut a long story short after lots of endless trips to doctors and MRI scans and specialists my youngest son has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy although its a very mild form it will effect his legs for the rest of his life and it effects him day to day however he will never give up, Hes five and has more energy and get-up and go and energy to explore than seems possible even on the bad days he will never quit and give into his disability. So he is my motivation to get off my lazy ass and organize a charity fundraiser but the trouble is i don't know what to do? Lots of people i know lately have jumped out of planes and it seems that people are getting bored of people throwing themselves out of planes, So i thought i would put it out there as a topic, what should i do? Ideally i want something that i have to force myself to train for and get fit cos im in need of some exercise... lol I would also quite like to break a world record of some type, its not critical i just thought maybe breaking one of the odd records would be allot of fun. Anyway it will be fun to see what pops up as a suggestion.... thanks.. The Charity i would be raising money for would be the Dane Vera Lynn Trust who work with children with cerebral palsy
  8. No i cant find any details.. I will give him a call and see what i can get out of him, If i cant get his address i will send a letter off with the notification.
  9. I have his mobile number but if i call him and he decides he doesnt want to give me the details for the fine what o i do?
  10. Long story short i sold my car on the 08/05/13 and have been sent a speeding ticket for the 25/05/13 I sent the logbook off to the DVLA as you should but havent yet recieved the letter to confirm i am no longer the owner. The letter from the police requires me to fill in a part of the form with the new owners details but i dont have them... cant find them anywhere there are no numbers to call on the sheet so i dont know who to ask? What do i do? The offence was in birmingham and i live in suffolk and i can prove i wasnt there if it came down to going to court.
  11. I can see you need a few tips here buddy.... its an easy one to get wrong, To make things easier if you walk around to the side of the truck you will see what they call a "DOOR" a small pull on the handle will see the door open and it will open up a room inside the truck where you will find all the equipment needed to drive said truck under its own steam... hope this helps buddy . . . . . . . in all seriousness well done mate i would struggle to pull a model truck lol
  12. Went to Japfest the other weekend and wasn't that impressed to be honest.... weather didn't help but the turn out of trade stalls and major brands was really poor. biggest stand was Adrian flux and even that wasn't very impressive. Few photos of he event.
  13. Well..... im a bit gutted right now.. I was having some turbo problems and slowly getting things sorted when i decided to put her on Ebay and test the market. Long story short a guy came over to test drive the car and the turbo went whilst on the test drive.... So after he knocked me right down to a price for sold as seen knowing what he was dealing with i with left with alot less money than i needed for my next E46 and had to change my plans... I am now the proud owner of a Black Nissan Xtrail..... Which as it turns out is a really nice car and im quite impressed tbh so its not all bad news.
  14. I was at my mother in laws who lives next door so popped over and took some photos. Didnt stay for long as i was nursing a hangover and wasnt feeling too chatty, Some lovely cars, makes me miss my E46 (RIP)
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