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  1. Hi, My friend is looking at a 320d 136 prefacelift. it wont start and i am scanning it for codes with launch. It gives live data but anything relating to the fuel injection system fails to ciommunicate. the wires are all ok and were traced back to the dde unit. Im wondering whether the control unit on the pump is knackered or maybe (dont laugh or sigh) the fuse is gone. i told him to check the fuse, anyone got any other ideas or things to try. I have Inpa but he has launch at his garage. rang a bmw specialist and he said he never heard of the problem. Any ideas? thanks guys
  2. Hi guys, Found the problem, the spring seemed to be creaking after removing the drop link to test to make sure it wasnt the drop link. so i removed the spring and the rubber spring pad was covered in dirt and crud, cleaned and greased everything up and now no more creaking,
  3. seems to be a common issue, I'll give it a go with lube first, wd40 or spray on grease? which is better. thanks guys
  4. hmmm, thanks for the reply guys, the fuel level sender unit is a strange one, my car is always low on fuel lol. ill have a look for this, and also the suggestion with the shock top mount,ill give spray on grease or wd40 a go.thanks the noise i noticed kind of comes from the spring area if that makes any sense, as i had the wheel off the car and jacked up the bottom of the hub with the trolley jack and let it down at various speeds and it made this steely creaky noise. i was thinking of removing the spring spraying it up and reseating it, its just annoying. i can hear it if i pull the handbrake while stationary and reversing slowly, it creaks as the suspension travels a bit.
  5. Hi guys, A couple of weeks ago afte some cold dry weather my read drivers side spring started to creak over bumps. my initial thoughts were that it had snapped. but after taking off the wheel and checking the spring, i discovered that its not broken nor does it seem to be rubbing or scraping through the rubber spring mat. I even put the car through the NCT (Irish MOT) and it passed with the squeak, is there any thing i can do with it like remove it and grease or wd40 the hell out of everything? i dont really wanna change unbroken spring but still. any ideas? thanks guys
  6. Hi folks, my 320d seems to be rubbing in the back, either its the trye hitting the arch or the mud guard hitting the road on a bad bump. My shocks bust at one time and i was driving arounf on 70-80 mile journeys for about two weeks before i replaced them. the springs didnt seem broken and the dampers are leaking. I m wondering if the 2 weeks of driving weakened the rear spring because the car was very bouncy with no dampers or at least busted dampers. it only happens when someone in the back on the passenger side. i remember there being a new spring fitted on the rear drivers side about two years ago because it had snapped, but as far as i know the rear passenger hasnt been changed. it never used to rub when i got the car two years ago but now it does. what do you guys think? its only 30 euro for a new one anyway. thanks
  7. ive been studying the wiring from the online BMW WDS site and it seems that a 12v signal comes from the immboilser if all is ok and closes a contact in the starter solenoid. The rest of the immboliser works, alarm, locking, fob etc. anyway he wanted a quick fix so he thought a switch, but that kind of ridiculous to be honest, i said at least put one of those ebay push to start button kits in or take a 12v output from the ignition, the output from when the key is turned to engage the starter, at least then it would start with the key and the immobiliser would still work for the pump and injectors, the car currently does start and drive if the ignition is on and the positive from the immobiliser is connected to a 12v source, hence his switch idea. whether my idea should involve a relay to isolate the ignition switch and a fuse im not sure.
  8. A fried of mine replaced the starter in their 320d 2003 saloon, they said while finish the wiring that the two smaller signal cables touched and sparked when tightening them up. now the car wont turn the starter on iginition. Ive been looking at WDS online and there are two wires, one goes to the instrument cluster and the other goes to the immobiliser. the wire to the cluster is a black/green cable and the wire to the immobiliser is a black cable. they had at a bmw indy who said he checked for issues but couldnt find any, ive got inpa so i was thinking maybe he didnt check the immboiliser unit or the DDE unit. any advice? they are following the cables at the moment and the fuses are all ok according to them. i was thinking of doing a continuity test between the starter and immobiliser to make sure the cables is fine etc. any other advice, thanks guys
  9. thanks for the quick replies guys, i was doing this job for a guy but he told me wired the k line wire to a permanent +12v for some reason so i told him to disconnect it, so i will be splicing into the k line by the looks of it.
  10. Hi folks, ive installed a set of leccy leather memory seats in an 04 320cd. I got the power function working fine, just with regards to the k bus connection for the drivers side memory function. Can i just tap into any of the yellow/red/white cables in the k bus comb connector in the fuse box? as in the connector in the picture here, post #31? Thanks guys http://forum.e46fana...ight=bus&page=2
  11. Hi folks, Ive got a USB OBD lead for my Bimmer, its the one that supports, INPA, DIS and SSS. I have all of these set up on my laptop. I mainly use INPA for any small issues and may switch to DIS v57 running on a virtual machine if needs be. Thing is ive tried the BMW scanner 1.3.6 free demo on my lappy and i like it. Would anyone be interested in a swap for the USB OBD lead ive got which has all the DVD's with INPA GT1, DIS, SSS etc for a USB based OBD that works with BMW scanner 1.4.0. Ive had a look on ebay and i see that both Obd leads are selling for around the same price of €40. Or is anyone interested in selling their used USB obd OA soft 1.4.0 as my lappy doesnt have a serial port which would work with the older 1.3.6 OBD reader
  12. Hi guys, Ive noticed a sort of wheel arch/plastic bumper sound from the rear of my car when someone is in the back and i go over a bump. It's only on the rear passenger side. It sounds like the wheel arch coming into contact with the tyre, my shock absorbers don't seem to be leaking or busted, and my spring doesnt appear to be snapped. my bumper on that side is a bit loose alright as i suspect when my shock absorber was gone that all the rocking about made it come loose, If the window is down with someone in the back you can hear the noise. any tips on what to check? thanks
  13. be careful when removing the shock absorber bottom bolt as the guide says as my drop link was snapped by a garage mechanics hanywork
  14. UPDATE: so i got my replacement MAF sensor today and i fitted it in about 5 mins. The difference is noght and day, the low down power is back and has good torque through all the gears like it should have.
  15. it says up to 10bhp more, WTF? when is that before or after a remap, load of cobblers, 10bhp more
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