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  1. Hi all Not long had my 2003 330ci sport. So far just had to do wear n tear items to get it to my liking. Service, suspension springs, control arm bushes an wheel allignment. Its now absolute pleasure to drive. Apart from one minor issue? The power steering is fine when cold, drives spot on actually. But when up to running temperature fine while driving on the move, but when parking defo alot heavier and can hear the pump whining a little. The thing is its had a new pump by previous owner over 6months ago. The fluid is all clean and topped up. Am i missing something?
  2. Sky have been my insurers for the past 4 years including traders policy. Great customer service with those guys, really are top lads. But this year they cant do anything for me.
  3. HI Dan Thanks but Already tried you guys, your quotes were silly high to be honest, which i cant justify against a 2.5k value car. Not sure whats going on with my insurance this year, but always had modified policies from day one but on the e46 nobody seems to want to touch it. decided this will just stay standard for now Cheers for the reply guys.
  4. Hi everyone Just purchased a 2003 330ci sport this wkend. But i would like to add some eibach sportline springs and a set of alloys. Already has clubsport splitters fitted by previous owner, i may add the rear spoiler if i can source one. Trouble is when i add these to modifications on quotations its giving me ridiculous quotes, like £1-2k! With out mods mentioned above my insurance is around £431, I'm 35yrs old, driving since i was 18 named driver policy then motor trade policy and 3yrs private to use on this. No claims or convictions. Basically i was wondering who fellow e46zoners were using or if they could reccomend anyone? Replies would be greatly appreciated.
  5. bugsy

    My M3

    wow! really liking this.
  6. bugsy

    Back In A Bmw

    was already there from previous. some sort of magnet to hold a device of some sort i assume?
  7. bugsy

    Back In A Bmw

    yeh the car had mods already fitted. angel eyes. rear led tail lamps. i,ve got a set of bbs rk2s and eibach sportlines to still fit very soon hopefully. :-)
  8. Hi folks I joined a while back in 2008 with a 328ci which i took in px, but for some reason didn't agree with me so moved on. Anyway been into VAG cars since then but fancied a change recently. Beginning of this month i was on the look out for a new daily, and spotted a 330ci msport, and being imola red just could not resist, A little dirty and rough around the edges on inspection due to lack of use and left under a tree. but priced accordingly and full service history and all manuals and everything checking out as should i had to have it. such a lot of car for the money. anyway managed to give it a good clean inside out, and quick once over with the clay bar, some much needed TLC.
  9. hi folks. can anyone confirm if front springs (eibach sportlines) for a m3 cabrio, will fit onto my 330ci m sport auto? just would like the front on mine to sit a little lower. thanks
  10. Hi folks 1) Sensor on dash came on indicating n/s front light is out, when switched to sidelight the sidelight doesn't come on but the n/s front indicator stays on instead. although does flash fine when turn on indicator. But if i switch on side and main lights they all come on fine and indicator stays off unless i indicate as normal. 2) on very cold days from cold start, when engine is warming up there are a very few random stutters from the idling when warming up? like its going to cut out only for a second. and very random. thing is when warmed up the random stutters dissapear completly and runs and idles fine? Car has done 140K now and is 2000 reg. Any info would be appreciated fellow members.
  11. My 6 cd changer in boot has given up completly. So i'm after a standard 6cd changer for bmw business head unit. or even a standard cd player headunit with code. Must be in good working order. My car is 328ci 2000 Wreg, not sure if year of vehicle makes any difference with specific bmw ICE. Regards Bugsy
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