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  1. We thought the same about Scams and don't get me wrong, coming from where I grew up I am as street wise as they come, but when your faced with what we faced with your gonna do exactly what they ask, most people would with a gun in their back. I was the smallest in our group with everybody else where big guys the fact is size is no option when a bullet is part of the somebody else plan.... Just keep your wits about you, looking at your booking sheet your going out with rep and I'm sure it will be fine, have a great time and keep safe! Check the prices of beer before your purchase it, if not they can charge what ever they want!
  2. Went on a Rally, 13 of us ended up in a strip bar, great sales pitch from the owner outside, once we where in couple of guys had a dance each, we all had a beer each went to leave and where then given a bill for 4k! Obviously we said f**k that, at that point it turned nasty and 8 guys the size of Arnie came down the stairs and took us one by one with a gun in our back to the rigged cash point outside and made us all take the maximum cash possible out, we eventually got back to the hotel where 3 other groups on the rally had similar experiences, at that point all 80 cars in the rally decided to leave the s**t hole of a country, the next morning many of us went to fill up at the petrol station, went to pay only to find out all of our bank accounts had been cleared out! If I had a bomb id blow the f**king corrupt country up!...
  3. Yeah see my roof was black on my old 330 which I loved, but can't find any pics with the pillars done as well, looked but can't see on the net,, might be reason for that but then again you only live once!
  4. I've had the M3 front bumper and fogs fitted and must say against most people opinions I'm really happy with the finish and fitting, the guys at Mstyle have done a great job! The car I paid Pennines for as it needed loads of bits doing which I'm happy to do as it's a hobby and I'm not looking to sell in a year or so just want to bring it back to its best, needs a new passenger side skirt as a previous owner has put a Phillips screw to hold in to place, t**t! New one on order... Anyways few rust bubbles starting to come through on the dreaded wheel arches and I'm thinking bugger it I'm gonna have whole car re- sprayed the same Titan silver and I'm thinking about having the roof and pillars done in piano black, my last 330 has the room wrapped but thinking seriously about doing that as well as M3 style door mirrors....along with returning the battered MV1's. Thoughts? #readyforaslatinglol!
  5. Just been reading this whole thread! Wow!!! I'm useless with cars I love looking at them and driving them but really can get my head around the mechanical or build side of things, it goes way over my head! Stunning work and much admired!! I can't do diddly squat with a car, but put me a kitchen and I dazzle most people... Take a look if you have time www.mintdining.co.uk that's where my skills lie. I look forward to seeing your finished project!
  6. Why you turning it back to standard? Selling it? If so, if was looking to buy I'd be happy with some nice mods, saves time and money in having to do it yourself.
  7. You don't need spacers if you run rear (9J) wheels all round. Ok cool, mine are just MV, need a refurb but quite like them, spacers for me!
  8. Love the way the wheels sit out, what size spacers do you have on the front and backs?
  9. Defo each to their own mate, that's what makes these forums great places! It's more the fit I'm thinking of, I don't think they fit too well without a lot of playing about iirc Don't get me wrong I was concerned about that but time will tell..... Got to be honest the car needs work I've had 3 before spent ££££'s like most in here... But this one is only having a few upgrades and of course maintaince work to get her back to her best....
  10. Each to their own.... The current M sport bumper is a bloody mess, I'll fitting, gaps and cracked, fogs missing...I won't drive it like it so it can't look any worse.... I hope lol!
  11. O/s and N/s brake hoses New rear brake lines System bled and levelled Adjusted handbrake Tomorrow Fitted new rear Continental tyres, along with new M3 bumper and fogs Adjust doors, full valet Tuesday front bushes both sides and anti dust covers
  12. New M3 bumper painted and being fitted tomorrow along with fogs, will post pics of before and after!
  13. OMG..... I remember this car from the thread and shows years ago....Jesus you have changed everything! And the colour lol.. Looks great and a work of art... I take my hat off to you buddy...stunning!
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