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  1. The same problem....after sitting for a few hours, rock solid pedal. Would happen to mine in the few hours parked up while I washed and waxed her 😑 Going to try this part first and hope I don't have to buy a new servo. According to realoem etc....our parts are the same with same part number. Thanks again dude, really appreciate the help and quick response πŸ‘
  2. Thanks Momo πŸ‘ That's what I was thinking but needed conformation. I'll be buying the whole part too, not worth trying to bodge it! Did you get it from the dealers? Also, Did you replace the gasket too (number 4) ? Hopefully it will solve mine too and save me buying a new servo 🀞
  3. Hey guys... As title says....looking for the location of the brake servo check valve on a 330 M54. I have searched online and real oem but can't find anything for the 330. Can't even find a replacement part. Loads come up for the smaller engines but not 3.0 πŸ€” I am wondering if it is part of the pump or the servo. Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks in advance πŸ‘
  4. Yep, for sure....f**k eurocarparts! When I do change the rad, it'll be bmw for sure....As the saying goes....you get what you pay for!
  5. Oh and.....the previous owner had the waterpump replaced within the last year, receipt to prove this....yeah right....rusty, noisey and with play in it....new my arse! Think his garage ripped him off.....either a second hand part (my thinking) or a cheap ass part or even not changed at all πŸ€”
  6. I finally got around to overhauling the system yesterday and man am I glad I did.....The amount of sludgy crap that had built up everywhere was unbelievable! That bad, that when draining the radiator, the smallest, slowest stream came out and that was with the full size plug removed, not just the smaller middle part. All parts change apart from the rad and lower pipe....firstly the rad was manufactured wrong (eurocarparts -EIS part) the collar for the lower hose was ever so slightly to narrow which caused a leak using existing or new pipe 😠 So managed to give the old one a really good clean, it was actually in pretty good condition! Secondly the new lower pipe just didn't feel like a good fit on the radiator or around the temp sensor and was leaking slightly....yet again existing pipe was in okay condition. Both will do for now but will be replacing them both very soon once a get another day to sort it! Back to eurocarparts with the faulty/not fit for purpose rad for a refund.....wish me luck! 🀣
  7. Another reason not to have an auto πŸ˜‰ Glad you got it sorted πŸ‘
  8. Hahaha.....If I had talked to him in the past then yeah! Don't know what's going on in his life....I'll just be patient (not my strong point lol) I'm sure he'll see it when he returns πŸ‘
  9. Thanks Rich....Hopefully the Super Resin polish will help and the Collinite wax will give me a good protective coat for the winter months until I can get the job done right! πŸ‘ Daz....I don't want to hassle him....he'll see it whenever he returns to us lol....I'm just impatient 😣....want my stickers but don't want to order them tell I've heard from him!
  10. Protect what I've got just now! It will annoy me seeing the scratches everytime I wash her but gives me a project to look forward to in the spring....plus maybe some nice person might help towards the Das and 3M stuff for xmas and my birthday🀞....I'll just need to drop some not so subtle hints πŸ˜‰ Thanks for all the advice on this....I know I ask alot of questions! Momo and Rich too πŸ‘
  11. Cool man....thanks πŸ‘ It gets awesome reviews and you can't argue with the price 😁 Btw.....I'm still waiting for Sam to get back to me about zone stickers....pm'd him a few weeks ago after you said. Is he a busy man these and not get much time for the forum? Also will this affect me subscribing (do my part to help keep this place alive πŸ‘) or is it an automatic system?
  12. Quick question.... Wax application....Foam or Microfibre pads?
  13. Ah ok....I see it now! This is getting expensive real quickly 😣 I might just clay, polish and wax for now and tackle the scratches with the Das come the spring. Got to deal with a few bits and bobs on the mechanical general maintenance side of things and to drop Β£200+ on a Das and compounds just now might be pushing it 😐 Oh btw....got some collinite wax on your suggestion πŸ‘ Thanks dude
  14. Hahaha.....Nice man....Keeping the good stuff for yourself! At those prices, I can see why! Where is that item number from? Can't find it
  15. I would obviously prefere to do all this work myself. Great satisfaction in seeing your hard work pay off 😁
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