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  1. Car now sold, thank you for all your advice, loved owning an E46, unbelievable build quality by BMW and will definitely own one again in the future
  2. FURTHER REDUCTION TO £8750 for E46 Zone users!!!
  3. Cheers Chris, the car is know on autotrader and pistonheads...thanks for the advice
  4. Yeah it was my aunties car and it was only ever driven from her home to their business about 2miles maximum from there house. She bought an new 330d and I bought the car full well knowing that nothing had ever gone wrong with the car and how it had been looked after but unfortunately the car has to leave the family. Will all be sad to see it go
  5. Cheers Jay I have brought the Price down to £9500 due to the current market and looking to sell the car soon really
  6. Brill. Cheers the advice. I think I will post on true autotrader as I'm looking to sell the car soon really
  7. I just want to confirm Jay that the car has not been for sale for 6months. The car was unfortunately put up for sale previously and then taken off the market due to my personal situation changing. I originally never wanted to sell the car but work has now meant that I need to sell the car
  8. Yeah I have just been concerned about the cut ebay will take and the autotrader is very expensive from what ive heard
  9. Can anybody else recommend where to advertise the car, the car is currently on PistonHeads as well? Sale required
  10. I purchased these genuine BMW roof bars for E46 coupe in August second hand for £140. These have not been used by myself and unfortunately the car is now for sale so the roof bars are also. Packaging includes all original parts including safety key. Im looking for £125 inc. P+P Im not too sure about the spec etc but I will try and answer any questions you may have. Luke
  11. THE CAR IS NOW FOR SALE FOR £10,400..... PLEASE CONTACT IF INTERESTED - this car was previously for sale by myself before Christmas but work has now forced sale....priced to sell and is £500 less than previous asking price. I also have Genuine BMW Roof Bars available for the car
  12. Thank you to you both, works fine now. The annual membership fee for this forum is amazing value for money when you think the help and advice that you can receive. Some people would have taken the car to the stealers and got a £50+ bill. Thanks again
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