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  1. Hi Guys, I have a kit which I had made from Custom Car interiors, its basically a kit to go over where your stereo would sit and you have an Ipad mini on there. I paid £280 for the kit and never used it. Will take £200 for it. This item is BRAND NEW AND STILL BOXED. You cannot get these on ebay as they are custom made. You will need to cut the dash trim pieces yourself. I bought it as i liked the idea of having an ipad on the dash but had to cancel on ICEing out the E46 as I have a baby on the way and money needs spending elsewhere. Good demo of this kit in use on this video. Any questions, let me know.
  2. That answers my question!! Will stick to OEM. Thank you for your help!
  3. Hey guys, Hope you are all well. So i have an issue on my car where when letting off the accelerator quickly, I hear a knock sound from the back. It also happens when I dab the accelerator also. Having taken this to my local garage and them checking the underside of the car, they showed me it was the rear differential bush that had loads of play. I have seen that Poly alternatives are available and my question is has anyone replaced their oem bushes with Poly ones? Does it make a difference? Does it last longer? As the garage is replacing one bush is it worth doing them all? As it is only a matter of time before they need doing too right? Having done some research, a few people have said that it effects the ride. In what way? does it become stiffer as a result of this? Sorry for all the questions, your help is always much appreciated. Kal
  4. My plan is to run a 5 channel JL audio amp and sub woofer as well and amp up the speakers too. I'm not going to just run them off the head unit. The the reason I went for BSW is because they were the only company that supplies a set of rear speakers for the e46. Maybe I didn't look hard enough but I couldn't find a decent set of rears (Rainbow, Focal) etc. Will document set-up and feedback.
  5. I prefer the stock look personally. I am going to order a Dynavin N6 this week. Just picked up my Bavsound Fronts and rears after paying eye watering USD conversion rates and duty charges. They better be good!
  6. Guys, Does anyone know of someone who can respray Dash trim to Piano black? I have sourced a full set of conv dash trim in titanium but it is sitting wrapped up in a box in my Skoda at the moment. Any help is much appreciated! Kal
  7. I understand that an M3 is the way to go, but this is more the car the wife and i use to cruise through Europe in (600 miles per tank!) which would be somewhat costly in an M3. That being said a recent encounter with a seriously winding road on the hills towards Geneva left a lot to be desired as far as the brakes were concerned. Thanks for the suggestions of the brakes and pads. I have heard mixed reviews about the EBC brakes and pads some have pad issues vibrations etc and that is something i cant be dealing with. Do you know if it is possible to put M3 brakes and Calipers on a normal e46? Kal
  8. Hello Gents, I have been looking into upgrading my brakes for a while now and have adjusted to the mindset that opting for a BMW uprated option as opposed to an aftermaket (bar brembo perhaps) option would always be better. Therefore I would be grateful if you would cast your opinions on the link below. Worth investing in? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191636260301?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT ebay item number 191636260301 Also does anyone have any idea if a set of blue M Calipers would fit on the e46? Or the gold BMW performance calipers, possibly of a 1 series. As always your help is much appreciated. Kal
  9. Thanks for the input Dennis. Seen the rainbow option but there doesn't seem to be rear speaker available. I haven't been able to find one! The rainbow is also 250£ for fronts and with Bav it's around 335£ for the fronts and rears. Decisions decisions!!!
  10. Gents, Can anyone vouch for the above. They have a good deal on their stage one upgrade at the moment. Seriously thinking of getting it. Any help would be much appreciated. Kal
  11. Check out Bavsound.com. They have an interesting offer for their stage one upgrade. Thinking about getting this for my vert.....
  12. Good evening Gents.... I haven't been on the forum for a while as the car has barely seen any use and fortunately the car has been trouble free up until now!! So the 330cd soft top was stored in the in-laws garage for a week and the battery went flat. Unfortunately the car was parked front facing in and my Mrs called green flag to get the car started. The chap from green flag had a lorry starter booster pack and used that to get it started. The problem is since he charged it from the battery and the car started, the electrics have been troublesome. The speedo lights don't work, the wipers don't work, the stereo doesn't work, and the drivers side window that went down when the door opened no longer wants to go up. Can anyone point me in the right direction in getting this sorted?? Could it be a fuse? Or a fried circuit?? (I really hope not) Like always chaps your help and advice is always greatly appreciated. Kal
  13. Does anyone have or know anyone trying to sell any? Or does anyone know anyone that can take the existing ( I have walnut) and sprinkle some fairy dust and make it piano black?? Any help or points to the right direction will be much appreciated. Kal
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