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  1. Yes, they are more accessible. It took me an extra hour and half to replace the seals. Remember, if you don't do the seals now but decide to in the future, you will need to take off the cam cover and replace the gasket again.
  2. Think the main symptom is lack of low down power. I did mine at 110,000 miles and to be honest it felt no different after. Although mpg improved by a couple. I only changed it as I was doing the cam cover gasket and it seemed like a no brainer.
  3. If you're changing the cam cover gasket, I would personally also change the vanos seals. It is about an hour or so extra labour and the parts are only £30.
  4. Exact same happened to me. I bought a new replacement caliper for £50.
  5. E46's from 2004 onwards have a 12 year corrosion warranty. My question is, how good is this warranty? Do BMW honour most claims or do they try and get out of them? I'm looking to get another E46 but rust issues concern me.
  6. Avoid ECP, the ECP radiator lasted less than 18 months on my 325i.
  7. How does the engine compare to your previous 320/330d?
  8. Performance wise it is but everything is not just about performance is it. There are other aspects too.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Next question, how big a difference in terms of refinement is the 330d compared to a petrol E46? Obviously there is a difference, but is it a noticeable downgrade?
  10. I'm thinking of replacing my current E46 with a newer E46 in the near future, it will either be a 320d or 330d. I have driven a friends 320d but just found the engine refinement a big downgrade from my current 325i. So my question is, what is the 330d like? Is it more refined or is the NVH same as as a 320d?
  11. To be honest I was hoping to setting the time using inpa or DIS. Not overly concerned if the knob is broken.
  12. Yes and yes. I tried to put the time an hour forward. It changed about 20 minutes but not any more. It feels like the knob has detached from its socket.
  13. The clock set on my cluster does not seem to be working. Does anyone know if it's possible to set the time using Inpa or DIS?
  14. There 5w-40 is. It's about £13 for 5l. I've been using it for a few years.
  15. As people have said, it's not difficult at all. I did mine myself and all it cost around £80 which was the price of the seals and new rocker cover gasket.
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