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How to program your BMW remote key fobs to your car

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I've tried this all ways so reckon I need a new battery, just out of interest do these keys contain a immobiliser chip in them?

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So if I use the insides from another cars key it also has to be programed for the immobiliser which I suppose BMW have to do.

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Another key from another car will open & close your car using but not start it, as far as I'm aware the transponder can't be programmed for another car unless it's a fresh new blank.

If you need another key contact bmkeys on here as he can supply a brand new key for £55 if you can get to him in London for programming.

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My car today decided to open all its windows and not respond to my key!😡😡


Tried this an it worked a treat! Thanks for the Erie up!😁👍🏻

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On 27/08/2008 at 15:36, stringy93 said:

Thought this might come in handy as a DIY for someone as some companys charge to do this!


- Sit in the car with all the doors shut and windows up with your key fobs (all your fobs need to be done at the same time)

- With one of your keys turn the ignition on then off and remove the key

- Press and hold the unlock botton and then press the lock button 3 times.

- Release all buttons and the locks will bounce up and down.

- Repeat this with the other key/keys (press and hold unlock and press lock 3 times, locks will bounce)


Note: Only switch your ignition on once, doing so again while programming will reset the process and you will have to start again.


Hope this helps :rolleyes:


On 21/02/2009 at 17:22, JayP07 said:

Hey People;


Thought i'd post the results of my key tests.


It didn't work for me following the instructions above exactly. However, using then as a perfect guide i managed to figured it out (with some trial and error). It all Got kind of hairy at one point because nothing i tried worked. Anyway this the method that worked for me;


1. Sat in the car and I left the doors open as normal

2. I used a key that didn't work..( it did before is started playing about with this but technically it wasn't working)

3. Put the key in the ignition turned it until all of the lights came on but not the starter.

4. After about 3 seconds i took the key out of the ignition.

5. Held the key over my left shoulder (near the steering wheel didn't work for me)

6. Press and Hold the unlock button

7. now you have to press the lock button 3 times but each time you have to press and hold for a count of 1 then release.

8. finally release the unlock button and the locks should jump up and down to show its worked!


Second key!


i followed steps 5 - 8 straight after the locks jumped and hey presto 2 working remotes!! JOY!!! the locks will jump for each key that is done successfully.


I read somewhere that you have to wait 15 minutes before trying it again if your key stops working when it goes wrong. Apparently there's some sort of time lock!! - I didn't! I'm way to impatient the most i managed was 5 and i was back out again! Basically if you turn the ignition again it restarts the process... sense why you have to do all keys at the same time! I tried the whole process a few time in a row until it worked!


Hope this helps... Thanks again for the original post mate!


Thank you!

This has helped me re-synch one of my keys.

What I also noticed:

- I have 2 keys: the remote on key 1 has just stopped working at one point, key 2 was still working;

- after I re-synched key 1, key 2 has stopped working;

- when I tried to re-synch key 2, it did not work;

- I had to first re-synch again key 1, then I repeated steps 5-8 on key 2 and it worked this time;

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