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On 24/01/2012 at 21:18, Aly said:

Hi All,


Thought it was about time I introduce the Audi A6 (2.7tdi S-Line Quattro). I've had it for almost 3 weeks now and I have to say I'm pretty impressed so far. I bought the car with only 43k on the clock & FDSH.

Although I do miss the E46, as it was a big part of my life for almost 6 Years. But with a baby on the way and wanting something newer and better on fuel ect, so it was needs must.

First thoughts on the A6 is the size of the beast! It's HUGE :lol: But in a good way, the boot is bigger than the A8, and the legroom in the rear is fantastic, even with my lanky long legs.. Being the S-Line model the ride is quite harsh on the 18's so I'm unsure at this point if I'll be changing these any time soon. But would love some 19" with a bit of dish ;)

The tiptronic gear box is fantastic and very smooth and quick at changing! But not really driven the car harsh enough to see its full potential. The turbo lag is horriable and very noticable so a re-map is on the cards.

The car has been returning a comfy 43mpg on the commute which is great compared to 27mpg in the E46, but is pretty bad in town returning only 22+mpg sometimes...

Overall am I happy with my purchase??? Well I think it's too early to say if I could keep this as long as the E46 but so far so good... :)


Now I'll let the pics do the talking... This is after a good wash polish, HD Wax, and Rain-X applied!



















Alloys with crappy tyres that I have never heard of so these will be changed soon!




Interior shots.


Huge boot...








Test fit of baby seat and base :P




Things to sort out.

-Scratch on boot!



-Cloudy chrome work!


Oh my!, that a veritable cavern of a boot! :)

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