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Location Of Members With Inpa/gt1 Etc

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Stick me in too, I have INPA with which I can read fault codes and clear some, still learning. Have quite a few more programs but I'm a total noob with them.

Northern Ireland, Belfast.

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Anyone near Newark Notts that can help me with coding my 2002 330Ci?

I’ve just fitted powerfold mirrors and want to get them to fold/unfold when locking/unlocking the car.

Thanks in advance

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North East England
Momo: Bradford, West Yorkshire (PASoft and Carly - HOWEVER i'll only do this for forum subscribers (Because I work weekends so i'll have to take time out to read your codes etc..))
Siffion: Teesside INPA/NCS/Carsoft
durham4416: Middlesborough
chris2r - Sheffield(north), Barnsley and Rotherham - PASoft 1.4 and a Handheld code reader. (not an expert on it!lol)

North West England
john.med: Warrington, Cheshire. PA Soft 1.4
Rich_D: Lancashire
quackers; Bury, Manchester - INPA/NCS Expert/DIS
Daza-B - Have all the BMtechnic software installed with cables but not an expert on the software lol - Morecambe Lancashire
MaxiB - As above, BMtechnic software and cable. haven't the foggiest how to use it but i'm 'bout to start learning!! Whitchurch, Shropshire.
albino-jay: Manchester, INPA, DIS, NCS Expert

South West England
Quiksilver_TR: SW, Gloucester. (INPA and NCS. Also got separate diagnostic code reader)
TriggerFish - Aylesbury, Bucks/Oxford - INPA/DIS/SSS/NCSExpert/PA-Soft-BMW Scanner. 16 pin cars only though. Also got K-Line VAGCOM
Gregc: Westbury, Wiltshire (INPA, NCS, GT1, DIS, SSS)

East of England
Gaz: Milton Keynes, Bucks
JasonR: Milton Keynes, Bucks
Frobius: Cambridgeshire (INPA, NCS, GT1, DIS, SSS Progman, Tool32, WinKFP)
Razza77: Romford Essex. INPA,SSS Progman, DIS, NCS Expert, PA Soft 1.4
FlossRegularly: Braintree, Essex
Mikey: Rochester, Kent INPA,SSS Progman, DIS, NCS Expert
Trickster: Grays, Essex. INPA, NCS
steve-coupe: Dunstable. INPA, NCS

Colossuss: Milton Keynes/Northampton. INPA, DIS, NCS Expert
Bob: Burton Latimer/Northants. INPA DIS NCS Expert
Chunky: Warwick, Warwickshire (INPA, NCS, DISv57, SSS Progman)
Adhal: Stoke-on-Trent/Staffordshire -GT1/DIS/INPA/
Phil67- BMtechnic software and cable but not an expert on the software Carlton in Lindrick, Nottinghamshire

Greater London
DJ Syxx: NW London (INPA, DIS/GT1, NCS)
X-Man: M25 Jct20 (INPA)
KASH - Southall, Middlesex - PA Soft 1.4 + (INPA, NCS, GT1, DIS, SSS Progman, Tool32, WinKFP)
The_judge aka Suf: Harrow, NW London (INPA, DIS/GT1, NCS)

Southern England
Chris: Southampton, Hampshire
AnalBeard: Gatwick(ish), West Sussex. INPA/NCS Expert
Stooza: Horsham and Crawley Down, West Sussex. INPA , EDIABAS , DIS / GT1 (v57) , SSS / PROGMAN (v32) , NCS EXPERT , NAVCODER
RoryW Nr Portsmouth, Hampshire - PA Soft 1.4
Missle - Isle of Wight INPA/DIS/SSS/NCSExpert (think i have Navcoder but will have to check!)
Ben M -Portsmouth, Hampshire - BMTechnic (INPA/DIS/NCSExpert/NavCoder)
Jks87 Guildford PA Soft 1.4

JonnWhite Chichester (Can travel 40 or so miles around area) INPA/NCSEXPERT/TIS/ETK/EBA/Autodata

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Hi I am new to the forum, I am looking for help/ advise from anyone with INPA/NCS/Carsoft in Lancashire.

I am struggling, a number of error codes have appeared on my Dash/idrive. Car is fine drives perfectly, however there are a number of errors constantly flashing. In addition now the cruise control does not work, tyre pressure light remains on even when the pressure is ok and reset, when I switch off engine the coolant warning comes on even though it is full. I can send pictures of other error codes if needed.

thank you in advance.

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