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Service Indicator/brake Fluid Indicator Reset

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See below, I have personally done this on my 2002 (on 02 plate) 330Ci Sport so can prove it works (pics can be supplied if needed).

1) ignition off

2) push & hold in left button (daytrip reset)

3) while holding in, turn ignition key into pos.1

4) keep holding button pushed in while "test 1" appears in display

5) after a further appr. 5 seconds oil service/inspection will appear (whichever is due)

6) release button when oil service/inspection are displayed

7) pushing and holding in the button for appr. 5 secs will reset the service interval

8) release button and switch off ignition. When restarting interval should be reset

For the brake fluid follow points 1) to 6) accordingly and then proceed as follows:

7) when oil service/insp. is displayed one short push of the "day trip" button will change the display to "brake fluid"

8) when "brake fluid" message is displayed, push in and hold button for appr. 5 secs, which then will reset the brake fluid interval.

9) release button and switch off ignition. On restart the brake fluid clock symbol should be gone.

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INPA or PA Soft can do it I think if you have either.

(Not 100% sure on INPA, but I know PA soft can)

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Actually a good thread revival.

Well done for searching.

Yes as explained if your pins are not working you will need a 3rd party solution like inpa or similar


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