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Club update from oilman @ Opie Oils

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Hi All,

It's been a while and there has been a lot of exciting things going on at Opie Oils, so we thought it would be a good idea to update everyone to keep you in the loop!!

So here goes:

Opie Oils Club Discounts

We are delighted to say that all club discount codes have been renewed. To redeem your 10% club discount simply use the following club discount code at the checkout.


Once the code is added at the checkout you will then receive your extra 10% club discount. However this discount code cannot be used in conjunction with other offer codes, BUT the code can be used in conjunction with any of our that do not require offer codes.

address will never change, so it's probably a good idea to bookmark it! Here you will find all our latest offers from our top brands.

Over 30 Top Brands Now Stocked at Opie Oils

Amsoil, Castrol, Fuchs, Gulf, Millers Oils, Millers Oils Classic, Mobil, Motul, Red Line, Shell, Silkolene, Valvoline and WD-40 - Soon to be extended!

Denso & NGK

ArmorAll, Astonish, Bilt Hamber, Dodo Juice, Farécla, Kent Car Care, Meguiars, Mer, Michelin, Muc-Off and Simoniz - More to come

Hamp Filters, K&N Performance Filters, Mahle, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru Filters and UFI Filters - Others to be added

Laser Filter Removal Tool, Oil Safe, Trico Wiper Blades, Polco Axle stands & Trolley Jacks and a 7 Litre Oil Drip Tray - More to come

Opie Oils stock a large range of specialist oils, fluids and parts for a number of automotive, marine, household and hobby activities. So if it needs oil, the chances are we have one!

Opie Oils Free Advice & Recommendations
We know that choosing the correct oils and fluids can be a bit of a mine field. So with that in mind feel free to give us a call on 01209 202944 or fill in an

Any oil we recommend is available to buy from us (if you would like to) for delivery throughout the UK and many destinations in Europe.

Technical Articles On All Things Oil
Over the years we have written and shared many technical articles, these can all be found on our web site
. Please feel free to share these on the clubs community, all we ask is that credit is given to oilman at Opie Oils. If you would like to discuss any of these further then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We Now Accept PayPal
We know accepting as many payment options as possible makes your shopping experience quicker and smoother, that's why we accept 5 major ways to pay through our website and 9 ways through PayPal.

Opie Oils Monthly Competition
Every month we're giving away a great prize, we try and find prizes that we feel club members would appreciate, for example over recent months we have given away an iPad Mini, Nintendo WiiU, Samsung Google Chrome and many other top prizes.

This competition will change every month but the page address wont, so it's probably a good idea to bookmark it.

Used us Before? Give us a Review
If you're an Opie Oils customer then we would love to know how we did! Feel free to leave us feedback through our web site or by submitting a review through TRUSTPILOT, both of which can be done

We pride ourselves on our customer service, in the unlikely event you are not happy, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can rectify any issue you may of had.

More to Come....
In the next coming months we will be launching our NEW blog, Brembo brake parts and will be constantly working to improve our look up guides and databases, we will keep everyone updated by threads and emails. If you would like to keep updated with all things Opie Oils then you are welcome to join our mailing list, simply follow this link : [url=http://www.opieoils.co.uk/t-newsletter-signup.aspx%5D%5Bb%5DRegister for Opie Oils News & Offers > > >%5B/b]

Thanks for reading.


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Hi Oilman,

Can you let me know what oil I need to use for the following:


Power steering


330ci MSport 2002 manual.


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If your gearbox suffers from stiff/poor changes when it's cold (as is fairly common with E46s), using a mix of ATF and MTF is a good idea. Red Line MTL and ATF D4 or Fuchs Sintofluid 75w-80 and ATF 5005 are the ones that people commonly mix together in E46 gearboxes.
An ATF is basically a thin gear oil, so reduces the viscosity slightly, making the gear shifts easier. The combinations that I mentioned above are good enough quality so that even though the oil is a little thinner, there should be no reduction in protection. If you are not suffering with cold gear changes, just use one of the MTFs that I mentioned.
The best options for the power steering are the Red Line D4 or Fuchs ATF6000, although the others are fine as cheaper alternatives.
The diff needs a 75w-90 GL5 oil.
The Fuchs Syn 5, Millers CRX, Redline 75w-90 GL5, Motul Gear 300 and Gulf Competition are ideal for the diff. The Fuchs Sintopoid, Castrol Syntrax Longlife, Millers TRX, Motul Motylgear, Mobil SHC and Gulf Syngear are also good choices.


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Hi, what engine oil would you recommend for a 2003 330d, with 120k miles, mostly short journeys but will also be doing longer runs in the motorway?

BMW recommend Castrol but I'm a fan of Motul so open to suggestions.

Also, what quantity for engine gearbox and diff?


Alex B

Edited by Alex B

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Hi Alex

You need an oil that meets the BMW LL01 or LL04 specification.
Those oils are all good options as they need to be to meet the BMW specification, so take your pick based on any price/brand preference you have, although if it burns at lot of oil, go for one of the 5w-40s.



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