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facelift 320ci m-sport front bumper

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Hi, Has anyone got a step by step method for removing the front bumper om my m-sport.

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Remove both front wheels and undo either 6/8/10mm bolt or push rivet holding arch liner to front bumper and peel back arch liner.

Remove 4 to 6 push rivets on underside of front bumper which hold up the front undertray section.

Remove 2 x torx head bolts from underside of bumper. You will need the right size torx bit and an extension as they go right up inside and bolt through the bumper supports. You might even need to remove the undertray completely so you can get your hand in to pull the torx bolts out.

Once torx bolts are out put a bit of card or something on the floor to stop the bumper getting scratched, then give it a good old tug. It should pop right off its sliders/guides.

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