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E36 Runaround Project

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So yesterday I popped down to DGT in Basildon, Essex...

Got 2 new Avon tyres for my wheels, yes I'm keeping them for now, I will be getting new wheels soon, but I wanna run these again as knockabouts etc so making sure the tyres are half decent and I'm in no rush with the car.

Also got a set of 15mm hubcentric spacers as the tyres were rubbing on the coil before it got raised a few notches so decided to play it safe.



Then popped to Clean Park to give it a ghetto clean before a Stance Daily meet I went to!


More updates soon!

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Was that the meet at Bluewater that then moved to Asda?

I think you overtook me and a couple mates on the motorway!

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On the m25, on the way to Bluewater.

We were going slow because a mate in his mk1 fiesta can't keep up! And a green e36 touring and a couple of e36 coupes overtook the 5 of us! Thought it may have been you haha

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Not much fun here...
Oil & filter change, been putting this off for too long..
Old filter out
15851096293_ca02516b0e_c.jpgGrant E36 by GMDOnline, on Flickr
Looked worse in person, very dirty but by no means pitch black..
16470231442_269c8ff1ab_c.jpgGrant E36 by GMDOnline, on Flickr
New filter in..
16469438691_48194c14b2_c.jpgGrant E36 by GMDOnline, on Flickr
New oil in, took just under 5 litres to fill..
16284933779_e3bd52392a_c.jpgGrant E36 by GMDOnline, on Flickr
Asked a couple question about smelly heating, already changed pollen filter recently, so got told to push the re-circulate button to help, also try a air con bomb so I did!
So far it has definitely helped but I think another one maybe needed as it was pretty bad to start with..
16471176065_397c8cc016_c.jpgGrant E36 by GMDOnline, on Flickr
More updates soon :)

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This got sold, I have regretted it since, I had a MK5 R32 but I have since found my partner is pregnant, so I am back in a BMW but this time a 20D X1 E84..

I really do miss the 36 though! But it has been looked after by a local guy in Essex..

Also I have sold my camera too..

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