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HTC One M8

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Hi folks.

I'm picking up my upgrade on Tuesday so my M8 will be going up for sale.

This is a unique opportunity if you're looking for one...

The one I'd had for a year that'd sustained a war wound or two stopped reading my SIM card last week.

It was still under warranty with Vodafone so they sent it off to be repaired and, astonishingly, they just gave me a new one!

It's absolutely unmarked. By the time it goes on sale on Tuesday it'll be a 5 day old phone.

I've still got the box, charger, manual, original case that came with the original. You're welcome to the headphones too but they're used (yuk)

Brand new ones in stores are still strongly priced.

This was, is and will continue to be an amazing phone.

The only reason its being sold is that I'm a gadget addict and in getting an S6 Edge.

Looking for £250

As long as I can fully duplicate my micro SD card you can have that too (32gb on top of the 16gb internal memory)

You can email me at Matt_Mr2t@Yahoo.co.UK

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