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Hi guys,

The car had a funny turn the other day, coming off a roundabout and everything died... Managed to get to the side of the road, restarted the car and it's been fine. The fuel was low at the time so I thought it could of possibly sucked some crap from the bottom of the tank and got lodged in the filter, causing the error... I've just finished a full service (including the fuel filter) hoping it would eliminate the error light, but it hasn't. The car is running fine which seems very odd!

I do have an OBD diagnostics reader, I connected it up hoping it would clear the light... The error code it throws out is P1278... Smooth running controller?

I'm assuming it's a fueling problem but it's baffled me that the car is running fine, any ideas what else I could try? I won't be able to get to a bmw garage for a week or two

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