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Window Fault...

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Hi, yes I'm yet another person with a window fault, but my fault doesn't quite align with anyone else's symptoms. (Coupe)

So my passenger window:

  • Goes down correctly using the switch
  • Goes down correctly when opening the door

Now it..

  • Doesn't always return up when the door is closed, and when it does, it doesn't return the full height
  • Doesn't one-press up - I've tried the window coding trick but nothing
  • The first click on the window switch does nothing when pulling up, but the second notch does the first notches job, hold to raise
  • When I hold the unlock button down on the key to open all windows, it opens but slower than on the drivers side
  • When I hold the lock button all windows close apart from the passenger window. Doesn't move an inch.

I've been told this isn't the regulator or it wouldn't move at all. It isn't the door switch as the interior lights come on, and the window sometimes goes up but not the entire distance. I've been told the runners do not need greasing as they are fine.

I've been quoted £60 + VAT per hour to find out what the hell is wrong with it. Google has no results that help me.

Thanks in advance

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