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Forum activity picking up again

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I'm glad to see forum activity picking up in recent times. I've found this forum to be both friendly and very informative over my 4 years of membership, logging in on an almost daily basis.

I noticed in the last few months that it had begun to sort of die off, only a few posts per day - possibly due to Facebook groups. I'm sure most people are quickly figuring out that these Facebook groups are good for nothing other than random and meaningless likes of photographs, with minimal assistance. On the E46 Owners Club group in particular I've seen so much maliciousness and bull**** comments directed at other people's misfortune.

Prime example attached.

Anyway, great to see things picking up here again :)



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Agree, I'm on one facebook group but it's not the same. I've learnt far more from this site :) 


Either way, facebook or fourm, it's all about the members, that drives the quality :)


P.S Have you noticed everyones name on facebook is "mate"

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I'm going to try and get back in here a bit more often as well. Been absolutely buried with work and haven't been around. Every time I go radio dark Suf seems to have a crash! I better try and stick around for his sake lol

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