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HI I bought one and fitted few days ago.

Anyone got one in there car, As i Had to buy the Fascia kit which come along with PDC speaker, Pdc noise is very low now anyone else experienced same sort of thing.

Can i play Videos from iPhone, Had a look on the net, It shows i have to change the settings all the time

Also I can't seem any apps working through my iPhone to unit... apart from apple car play which is just the basic ones ..

Phone, Text messaging, Google Maps and music..

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Tbh mate i'd be shocked if you'd get anyone who's used one of them on this forum.

They're a proper, deep double-din so don't fit the E46. Not many people on here have cut up their air boxes to fit double-dins..

Have you double-checked the connections to the new PDC speaker? Can you retro-fit your old speaker in the new housing?

Have you considered the new one is duff?

Sorry I can't be of more help..

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Let me know how u get on. The chinese s**t is starting to piss me off now so was considering ripping it out and buying this 

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