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Style 216 wheels: 18 inch,good tyres

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*Now updated with new photos and accurate description*

Hi all,

I've got for sale a very nice set of BMW 'Motorsport' 216 wheels. My reason for sale is that they came on my new e46 and I prefer 17s (I swapped my winters on this weekend too, as these are too good to risk ruining), and, frankly, I'd rather have the money to buy house things (who doesn't enjoy buying fridges...) and reuse my style 68s from the last e46. :D 

18 inch front and rear

8j wide, et34 or et32 front with 225/40r18 tyres. Tyres are Continental ContiSport 5s. One has ~6.5mm tread, the other ~4mm tread. (I will get concrete measurements and photographic proof tomorrow in the day light.) One date stamp 4414, the other 4514.

8.5j wide, et37 front with 255/35r18 tyres. Tyres are Event Potentum. Both are nearly new with over 6.5mm tread remaining. Both date stamped 2116.

Three wheels are fine physically. All have a little of bubbling inside the rim, and one has a little bubbling on one of the spokes (photo'd). Sadly, one of the rears has a small crack on it (photo'd). I'm not sure if this has been welded or not, but I'm going to say not. It doesn't seem to have spread to the wide part of the wheel, just the rim. It seems to be holding air just fine, and didn't cause any noticeable wobble at up to 'UK motorway speeds'.

With this crack considered, I've priced these vs. others on eBay (with varying states of condition, some with, some without tyres). I think that this is a fair price, but their rarity makes them hard to gauge. (Front tyres £90 new, rear £85 + fitting): £675. Collection from Aylesbury (HP21) or my work in Oxford (OX3) preferred. Can courier at cost if required.








And one from when I first got the car and they were clean:


Updates with more photos.

Wheel 1 (rear) - 6.48mm tread - one crack - not sure if this is fixed or not (never seen a cracked wheel before, so not 100% sure, but I think not)










Wheel 2 - rear - also 6.48mm tread. No cracks - some bubbling inside the rim (not all shown, a patch is photo'd to show severity) 







Wheel 3 - front - 6.49mm tread. No cracks - some bubbling inside the rim. Veeeeeeeery slight scuff on the outer rim. Some bubbling inside one spoke. The mark on the back of the wheel is just a scuff, not a crack. See side shot to show lack of depression


Scuff: so small, doesn't show in the photo







Close up of the 'looks-like-a-crack-but-isn't' mark at 11 o' clock


And from the side, showing it's flat and not got any depth to it




Wheel 4 - 4.25mm - front. No cracks - some bubbling within the rim


Small chunk out of the tyre - wouldn't cause me any concern, personally








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Added photos, details of crack, price adjusted accordingly.

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