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Seeking BMW 325ti

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I hope this is in the correct section of this website!

I currently own a 318i compact and i am now looking to upgrade to a 325ti but i am hitting a few barriers. The prices of them seem to vary wildly anywhere from £800 to £3000. Obviously i would like to keep the best one possible for the least capital but don't we all. I am just wondering what people think is a decent price for a 325ti sport in todays market with less than 100k and in decent condition? Are there any things i should be looking for in particular? I feel like the 318 was a bit of a lemon so i do not want to make that mistake once more. Ideally it would be nice to have a trouble free few years with a car rather than knowing my mechanics number of by heart when i do not even know my own number...

This is one that is currently near me but the price seems way of compared to others i have seen

Any help is appreciated! Thank you 

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