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Anyone re-covered their parcel shelf?

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Rear speakers packed in so fitted a pair of 6x9s I had kicking about the garage.
Obviously they look horrendous now i've fitted them to the shelf with woodscrews. 

I'm considering re-covering the whole shelf with a thick black non-slip material I have and then fitting the plastic covers over the top of them: my shelf is horribly discoloured anyway so I've no problem defacing it.

Anyone done something similar so i've got some inspiration?

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I've not done a parcel shelf, but I did cover the seat backs in my 'vert in alcantara after I scuffed one up taking stuff to the tip.

I used a spray contact adhesive and managed to do a very tidy job. If I did it again I'd use a spray glue but not the contact stuff, as it's hard to reposition the material using contact adhesive, as you have to let it set before joining the two surfaces. I found a solvent such as intake cleaner is very useful for removing bits of glue that get where you don't want them, with alcantara any unwanted drops of glue stick very well to it.

If your parcel shelf has a recess in it, I would make sure you use material that has enough stretch and compression ability in it to avoid wrinkles, the alcantara with a foam layer and polyester backing was good for this as it would stretch where required, but also compress up slightly without wrinkling. The polyester layer stopped the adhesive soaking into the foam too much.

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