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325ti Compact Audio... speaker info please...

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Hi guys - had hundreds of BMW's (mostly E30's!) but new to the E46 Compact - just picked up a 2002 325ti as it was too cheap to miss!!!!  It's prob going to be a commuter for me so the sounds def need an upgrade!!!

First questions... speaker sizes???   Does anyone actually know???  Google has told me that 6.5" fronts fit with adapters (are these the ones I need? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CT25BM04-BMW-3-SERIES-2001-to-2004-130MM-E46-COMPACT-MODEL-SPEAKER-ADAPTERS/361710211238?epid=1805391391&hash=item54379bd0a6:g:Vx4AAOSw9IpXxsz3 )

Do the doors need much work, (sealing & deadening) to get a decent sound?  And where do people normally stash their crossovers???  I'd like to just dismantle each door once if possible, when I have everything I need ready!!!

What size are the rear speakers??? And does anyone know of a guide online showing how to replace them?  Cant find anything about rears at all so far!!!

All help appreciated, Rob.


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