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Battery cut off

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So I have had my e46 330 ci parked up and left my doors open in case I wanted to move it..


Cut a long story short battery cut off triggered possibly when jump started.. it was ok before as it's a summer car.


Is there any parts non genuine that will fix it or should I just bypass it ... a lot of money genuine.


Don't trust a breaker yard... eBay


Any thoughts or fixes?



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Hi i didn't realize there was a cut off switch? maybe your battery is totally dead?



here is what I do whilst I am repairing the heater core mine is parked up also.

I disconnect the battery completely and put it on trickle charge in my shed.

to get into the car I use the key in the door. however when locking the coupes or the cabs you have a problem getting the glass to jump back up when you shut the door.

I use one of these mini jump starters

I open the boot with the key, connect the mini jump starter to the battery cables,

I then go into the car lock the passenger door by pressing the pin down, then fully raise the driver window the jump starter gives it enough power to close the door properly so the glass seats itself.

I then disconnect the jump starter and close the boot. finally lock the door with the key,

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