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Good, Cheap project cars for track use?

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So I have been toying with the idea of buying a cheap car to turn into a track car for time attack or rally cross racing, or just track days.

There are a few criteria I want to use to select the right car such as.

structurally sound,

compatible with some decent engine swaps,

availability of mods,

preferably rear wheel drive (this is not necessarily that important.)

fairly fast at it's standard state.


Ultimately my question is what car would you buy? I am thinking maybe a Peugeot 306 gti  or a Ford Puma 1.7 16v or Masda mx5 mk1. 

tell me what you think.

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Love it - preferably RWD but 2 of the 3 options are FWD! :lol:

I know what you mean though - the Peugeot can be made into a nifty little track car and the Puma supposedly handles great. But I don't think there's many conversions you can do to them to get more power.

If I was you i'd be looking at MX5 or MR2 Turbo.

With the MR2 you can tune that 3S-GTE engine to silly power if you want. Pretty sure there's a racing series for both MX5/MR2 too if you want to progress down that route.

Depends on the budget really.. You could probably get a Honda S2000 or 3.0ltr Z4 that needs some work for a few grand. Pretty sure you can get turbo kits for both, but both will handle better than the MR2 and have similar power (without the MR2 being tuned).

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For the 306 (coming from 2 gti6’s) there are a few options for more power including supercharging with some running over 300bhp.

Low boost gives 220-250ish in a car that weighs a little over a tonne.

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