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Convertible roof jerky operation

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I've read a quite a few posts on convertible faults and can't find one similar to mine.

The car had been put away with the roof down for about a fortnight.  We went to put it up and it went a little way and then jerked about and then stopped.  I've been fiddling and raising it manually and it now goes down althought the last bit seems jerky like a motor gear is slipping.  When it goes up it jerks again and won;t raise.  If you give it a helping hand it will come up and finish raising although again the last bit is jerky.

It unlocks and locks ok so I don;t think the unit under the back seat is faulty.

The fluid level is ok but I think this has to be looked at with the roof down ? and I can't now remember what position the roof was in when I looked

I have checked wires in the boot and did find a broken wire. spliced a new one in and boot lights now work.  Couldn't see anything else broken

I looked at the common wire breakign point in the roof rail and nothing broken after splitting the covering to check each wire.

I'm stumped.....Could it be a dodgy relay clicking in and out ? is there a drive cog somewhere ( not the lock unlock ones) that could be slipping

Any thoughts comments very welcome.  We've had the car for 4 years and love it.

Its a 2002 325i M sport convertible.


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Well I bought some oil, but on double checking the fluid level when the roof was down it seemed ok.  Funnily enough the roof worked fine to go down.  I did have the engine running this time so I suspect it might have been a low battery.  Although we have yet to test it again and I'm sure we had the engine running before, but maybe we had run the roof a few times before starting the engine so the battery might still have been low.  

I'll report back if it's not fixed because I'm now a bit stumped.  No fluid loss and no visible wire breaks.  I guess next step will be to check the wires that run along the fame more thoroughly with a meter.

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I recently had a problem with mine, it wouldn't do anything at all so i started googling to get answers

Not sure if it's of any use to you but i found this pdf on the roof 

file:///C:/Users/Dunk/Downloads/ConvertibleTopManual (2).pdf


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