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connects2 wiring

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I know there's been alot on the forum and I've looked for an answer but not found one.

I just purchased this car and have swapped the Business tape player for the business CD player.  The bot CD changer is broken.  But the car came with a Connects2 unit which seems to go between the harness and the stereo.  This is all in place.  But the unit has 2 smaller 10 pin plugs that go into 2 10 pin sockets in the back of the stereo.  BUT it seems these 10 pin plugs can fit in either socket and can go in either way up.  Can anyone tell me which plug goes in which side and which way up !!   I think one plug only has 3 wires in it ?  Everything seems to work as it should but not the Aux socket.  If anyone has any info or instructions on installing or using I'd appreciate it.  


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