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Clearout of parts

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Hello lads, been a while............!

Now that my 330d has gone to a new home, I have a few spares cluttering my garage that the car's new owner didn't want.  These will all be "free to a good home".  I CBA to parcel them or wrap them as there's nothing in it for me, so they are strictly collection only from Gateshead NE9.

If anyone is genuinely interested I will post pics.  The items are all used, but in reasonable condition.  Any of these that are still here on Saturday 6th October will be going to the tip.  The main items are:-

Coupe comfort passenger seat in grey leather.  Handy for lard-arses like Wor Lass who don't like sport seats.  If you swap the runners, it will also fit saloons (I had it in mine) and tourings.

N57N inlet manifold fitted with swirl flap blanks.

Pair of 5x120 15mm hubcentric spacers with extended bolts

Pair of 5x120/5x114 13mm hubcentric spacers with extended bolts

Set of extended anti-theft bolts with the correct adaptor.

If I find anything else that might be useful for someone, I'll add them to this thread.


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