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I got a cheap e46 330d Touring this summer with a 204hp engine. The car turned out to be in good shape, though, with a few areas that have teased me a little.

The idea was really that I would put it up sale when I got it in perfect condition, but just could not really make me sell it ;-) Now I've got some great Stuff for the engine, I'd always liked to have a 330d that I could work on and experiment without it being used as a daily car. It became this car;-)

Today, the last of my Christmas gift came to me and the car. New 535d nozzles, downpipe, new cast iron manifold and on top from a special built hybrid turbo :-)

Turbo Specifications:

- reinforced journal bearings

- so called '360'

- CNC modification of turbine housing

- CNC modification of compressor housing

- Bigger KTS Turbo Billet X 65mm 6 + 6 blades

- Genuine Garrett larger turbine wheel GT23 from Mercedes AMG

- Genuine Garrett Housings and Exhaust manifold

- Dynamically Balanced

- Precise VNT adjustment

- CHRA is built using brand new parts

It will be an exciting project!

More to come ;-)


image1 (Medium).jpeg

image2 (Medium).jpeg

image3 (Medium).jpeg

image4 (Medium).jpeg

image5 (Medium).jpeg

IMG_3229 (Medium).JPG

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On 18. 12. 2018 at 10:26, Steffen said:

Yes it is, i look forward to getting the car ready for some spring tracday ;-)

The manifold is from X8R, the downpipe is from ECOTune, injectors from bmw 535d and the turbo is from Gottuned, the link is this:

Hi.. The injectors fits? The ecu runs them? 

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