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Stereo problems

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Hi guys and girls, recently brought an 320d touring, this is my 4th e46, I've got a wierd problem with this one when I got it the guy said he pulled the fuse out for the stereo as it kept killing the battery which it does so I took the stereo out it's a double din boardmonitor with sat nav etc, so tonight I was checking the fuse for the heated rear window as that don't work but I found the fuse for the radio so put it back in before I lose it and turnt the ignition on to see if the fuse for heated rear screen was getting power and guess what music started playing even with no stereo in it 😂 so I'm thinking can't be the stereo can it? Could it be something to do the CD changer? I'm crap with electrics 😂 after some suggestions? TIA

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