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Cold start issue after changing many parts

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My e46 320d has a problems starting up when cold. The glow plug light comes on for around 2/3 seconds regardless of how cold/warm it is outside. I usually kill the battery trying to get it started and then have to connect jump leads etc, and it still takes a good 5-10 mins after the jump leads are connected to get it started, followed by plenty of white smoke. However once it has started all subsequent starts for the rest of the day are fine. The problem only ever occurs on cold days - it is fine when the temp is above 5 degrees.

I can hear the fuel pump when the ignition is turned on so I don't think it's that. I have tried changing all 4 glow plugs, the glow plug controller/relay and fitted a new battery and still no luck. I have also checked the 60A fuse in the glove box to the controller/relay and that seemed fine when testing with a multimeter. I am out of ideas now so any help would be appreciated. 


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