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Front headlight level sensor link stuck!

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Hi all,

Just been out replacing the front headlight level sensor having had the headlights pointing straight at the ground.  Turned out the sensor was faulty despite both the arm and the linkall being intact.

So, just to make sure the job was good for a while, I wanted to replace both the sensor and the link arm and bracket.  I have the version that bolts through the control arm.

However, after undoing the nut, the link and bracket would not come off, or even move.  I can't see other nuts, so thought it must have corroded to the control arm.  Covered it in penetrating fluid and left for an hour.  Came back and it still wouldn't budge.  Hit it with a hammer, nothing.  I am beginning to wonder if this has been spot welded on as well.  After this, I replaced just the sensor, which fixed the fault, but it is annoying to know that the link could fail soon and it just wont come off!

Anyone else who has done this job have any suggestions.  My part  is number 5 on this diagram:

Any help gratefully received!

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