Coolant light coming on shortly after filling coolant, no apparent leak?!

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Hello :)

I am new to this but thought I'd give it a go! 

My coolant light came on so I topped it up, it came on again soon after, and I topped it up again (maybe it was just thirsty?!). I put loads in and 2 days later (and barely 30 miles) it's come on again :(

There's no obvious leak - no big puddles underneath the car or anything. Car isn't overheating and is running fine. It's not just the sensor as the coolant is definitely disappearing to somewhere...

Any ideas?

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you’ve probably got a tiny hole in your radiator (or could be anywhere in the system) which only leaks when the system gets up to temperature and immediately evaporates. try getting the car up to full running temp when it’s dark and shining a bright torch to look for steam. 

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