E46 318ci having a meltdown!

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Hi 👋 

I’m new and I’ve searched the forums and found a few posts related to this but nothing that helps me fix it!

We have an E46 318Ci.

This morning, the car started beeping and all the lights were flashing. Wouldn’t unlock with either key remotely and alarm carried on. Car unlocked fine manually with the key and the alarm stopped as soon as I put the key in the ignition (made some clicking sounds as if something was being reset).

However, as soon as I took the key out, the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree and the temp gauge went up to max. Car is cold and hasn’t been driven for about 5 days. Put key back in and tried to start it, thinking it may be battery issue due to cold weather. Car started first turn with no problems and all lights went out. 

Took the car for a drive, about 15 miles, until nicely warmed up and everything checked. Everything is working normally and no problems driving her. 

Got home, took key out and everything lit up again, including brake lights and sat nav screen. Remote locking still doesn’t work. Have tried pulling some fuses and replacing them (incl. number 49 as someone had suggested on a thread from 2010) but no luck.

Have now had to disconnect battery completely as I can’t turn off the dash or brake lights unless the car is running 🤦‍♀️ Photo attached of dashboard when key is removed.




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if it was me i would go through and pull every fuse one at a time and see if you can find out which one makes lights go off as that will be a pointer in the correct direction,


seems like it is a short to battery voltage on some circuit to me.

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