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Steering rack replacement gone wrong (air in the system)

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Hi, Im new in the forum, I have search everything on the internet (I hope so) about this, so if someone could give me any advise on what to do I would appreciate.

So, my old TRW steering rack had bad seals and death zone in the center, so I replaced it with ZF yellow tag steering rack.
After I put the new ATF Dex III oil in the reservoir I proceed with turning the wheel lock to lock, and then turn on the engine (:banghead:), ofc oil disappear quickly and turn the engine off, added some oil and proceed to turn the wheel lock to lock.

Ive been turning the steering wheel for 1000x (no joke) with both engine off and on.  With the engine on it seems all is fine , very smooth, like new.
But with the engine off, the oil flatuates up and down when I turn the steering wheel, and under de car I can hear some air inside the steering rack.

Please give me some advises on what to do from here.
PS: the car was and is in jack stands.

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I'm struggling to see the problem. It works fine and as it's supposed to when the engine is on and the pump is working. 

The level will go up and down with the pump not spinning as you are pushing fluid back and forth in the system rather than it be pumped through.

I can't account for the air noise but then I've never really worried about turning the steering with the engine off on a car with power steering as why would you?


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If the pas system is working and no bubbles are coming to the top of the fluid in the reservoir its fine? You just top it up after youve changed, start it leave it running top it up again and turn a few times lock 2 lock, unless you left a pipe loose and its sucking air back in,

In which case youd notice a leak

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