330d Stalling. - MAP Sensor ?

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I have a 2003 E46 330d, 184bhp, M57 engine.  Owned it for 9 years and really looked after it.

Its developed an intermittent stalling / loss of power fault.

I will start the car and it will stall, then I have to crank it for about 6 secs and it slowly comes back to life. Then take foot off accelerator and it dies.

I can repeat this process several times. I can then leave it for a min and start as normal.

I can go days without any issues, then just out of the blue it happens.

I was driving yesterday and the car seemed to lose power but if kept foot down it would get to 3000 revs and pickup.

So far I have changed with quality parts:

Fuel filter.

Crankshaft sensor.

Camshaft sensor.

Under car pre fuel pump.

Vacuum lines.


Can a MAP sensor cause this type of fault?

What about an intermittent issue with Fuel tank fuel pump?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Failing fuel rail pressure sensor gave similar symptoms on my 320d. Scan for error codes, if something related to low fuel pressure is present and you've already swapped the fuel filter and secondary pump, it will be that. My MAP sensor has been fine - that one monitors air pressure inside the intake manifold, so guess you'd see error codes related to low air pressure.

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I think there’s a Pressure control valve on the high pressure pump. If it misbehaves then fuel rail pressure is not controlled correctly and causes poor start or starvation type symptoms. Just a thought!

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