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Coolant light on after exceeding 3.5/4k revs

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So, as the title says...

I give it some whilst going down a slip road for example and after exceeding 3.5/4k roughly the light will come on a few seconds later and then I let off a bit the light will go off after about 20-30 seconds if I'm under 3.5k revs. Even if I maintain 70mph in 5th gear (so will sit at about 3k revs) it'll go off after this time frame so it appears to be really specific to being upwards of about 3.5k

I've checked the coolant multiple times and the level stays exactly where it wants to be so no sign of a leak. I've also bled it just to make sure there isn't an airlock but all seems fine on that front.

Also, the engine temperature stays exactly where it should be the entire time even if i stay in higher revs for a longer period of time so thankfully it doesn't seem too critical!

My rather uneducated guess from these symptoms would be something sensor related but what do you lot reckon?

Thanks in advance! :)

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On 30/04/2019 at 22:10, kirkynut said:

Change the coolant level sensor in the expansion tank. 


Cheers mate👍

Couldn't log in to reply for the last 3 months due to some error but I did see this a while back haha

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