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330ci Laggy Intermittent

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Ok This is doing my head in...... Been Getting 3 Fault Codes 227/228 and 65 (Fuel trim bank 1 Trim Bank 2 and Inlet Camshaft sensor. Previously had Exhaust Sensor too. So replaced Parts below:-

Exhaust Cam Sensor (HAAS Brand) - Message Cleared

Inlet Cam sensor twice now (Delphi and HAAS) - Code still intermittent present

Replaced Fuel Pump and Filter 

Replaced All spark plugs (NGK-R)

I'm still getting a laggy acceleration , but oddly if i turn ignition off then restart again whilst driving/Coasting the Lag goes and car behaves normally until next start! Also im noting it takes longer cranks to start the car before it fires up! 

Anyone else had this and fixed it!!

My next things to replace are:-  Inlet Vanos Solenoid (As i rounded nut removing for Intake cam sensor)

Maf Sensor Genuine VDO Item

New CCV Valve to fit


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