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2002 e46 330d 184bhp acceleration issue, help needed!

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Hey everyone,

So my 330d has developed an issue and I'm at a loss as to what to try next.
Basically, it accelerates fine up through the revs/gears (if a little sluggish than it used to be)
But if you are in any gear and rev it up to 3000 odd and then let it drop down to about 2400 without changing gear there is no acceleration (i.e. turbo doesn't engage) and it stutters along until the revs slowly build back up. (Quite smokey)
If you shift up a gear when it is struggling, the revs drop as expected and then turbo kicks in fine etc.
So it only really happens if you are hammering it hard and then let the revs drop without changing down. Or if you drop down when the revs will by high in the lower gear.

Took it to my indy to read the codes, had one MAF fault, cleared it, cleaned the MAF - No difference.
Disconnected the MAF completely and gave it a good run - No difference
Cleaned EGR to rule that out - No difference.

I don't think it is the turbo as its still going fine up through the gears or if you floor it from low rev's.
No obvious leaks from the turbo pipes/intercooler (had a split pipe before which exhibited very different behaviour)

My only guesses at this point is a possible blocked cat or sticky injectors?
Can anyone advise how to test this or if they found another way to solve this issue?


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So I managed to solve my issue if anyone comes across this problem in the future.

Basically my turbo actuator was not moving due to a vacuum leak. Hence why it was sluggish up to 3000rpm and then fine and if you dropped the revs the turbo was not spinning fast enough so the engine would start choking.

Replaced the vacuum lines from the actuator to the pressure regulator, from the regulator to the vacuum reservoir and from the reservoir to the the main vacuum line under the inlet manifold.

330d is back to it's old self.

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