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Well, it's been a while!

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Seems it's almost a year to the day of my last reply. I've, err, been busy! I do check in, but the site has slowed and I've been busy with other things so it's not needed much ongoing work and seems to tick over. I don't want to close the place, there is a wealth of knowledge on here that should stick around until the internet is not a thing anymore.

But, with some recent changes in life, I have decided to put some effort into this once great place and see if we can get a bit more of a community. Yes, there are less E46's about, and a lot more ropey ones, but still, there will be a following.

So, I've updated the forum software, ran a load of updates and re-jigged the ads to be less frequent, but more rewarding (this place isn't free to run!). I will be posting up on social media from time to time, see if we can get some more interaction, and I am looking at re-re-re-re-launching my old e90zone site too. I always enjoyed running these sites, and it made me get up and go to car shows and put some effort in, and I miss that. So my hobby is back!

Please please please let me know if you have issues, or suggestions on here, I will take them on board and deal with them.



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Been a long while since I've been here so thought I'd say hello too. Good to hear the forum still being here. Been here now for over 11 years, where has the time gone!

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