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Oil consumption

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I’m hoping someone can help here?


I’ve recently Supercharged my M54B30 E46 with an ASA Supercharger kit from G Power, I’m happy with that but my car now drinks oil at the rate of about 1 lyre per 300 miles!!!


Before the conversion I had got did if the CCV and fitted a PCV valve and oil consumption was about 1 litre per 2500 miles.


I can’t run the PCV valve as it causes oil leaks, believe me I know ! So I run a catch can from the valve cover and feed the outlet from the catch can back into the pre supercharged inlet, there is watery gunk in the catch can but no residue in the outlet pipe, so I’m happy with that.


There are no oil leaks from anywhere but the tail pipes are black so I’m positive it’s burning the oil as there is probably not enough vacuum to seal the rings. It’s a centrifugal blower so there is vacuum at lower revs and when not in boost - approx -ve 12psi on the boost gauge.


Is there anything I can do or do I just chuck oil in it ??





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