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ShaunE-46 TVS Review

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Hi guys, 

apologies if this is not the best place to post this, but I am trying to find someone who very recently had some bad experience with a company called Total Vehicle Solutions UK in Salford. He left a bad review on Yell about the garage, I have the same problem with the garage and would love to talk to him about it.


please if anyone can help would be hugely appreciated.


user name on YELL was shaunE-46.






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Sorry to hear it.. But tbh it could just be a username - this person could've had an E46 at some point and moved on.

This type of situation is all too common unfortunately. Unless you have before/after photos (almost taken on the same day) then getting them to cover anything is highly unlikely.

All we can do is spread the word and alert others to never use them. Leave as many reviews as possible.

Unless the damage is large enough and you have proof so you can take it via the courts - nothing can be done really.

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Hi Momo,


thanks for reply, however the guy posted a review last week about his E46 so I am sure he still has it !

as far as my situation....it was very bad and has been to court and won the case...but it’s a very long story that I won’t bore you with !

once again thanks for reply 

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