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Coolant leaks

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Right brief history

Expansion tank exploded at 150k on original tank

Replaced with behr tank, all was good

Radiator leaked, replaced

Then replacement tank started to leak from the bottom, reseated many times but didn’t feel right

Replaced with new behr tank

All was good but now leaking again

So am I doing something wrong or do I need to replace the bracket that it seats on to

Many thanks

Any suggestions

Also replaced just new cap and thermostat not long ago when stuck open



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Were you careful to lubricate the seals with something to prevent them from tearing?

I use a little red rubber grease. 

Perhaps take it all apart and re-fit with some red rubber grease to make sure that you have it all fully seated with no sticking points. Dry seals might seem fully seated but may not be.

I found coolant does not act as a good enough lubricant and could see the joints were not fully seated and have the grease, so used it with good results. 


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